Bloodlines (2012) Rough Cut Trailer

Here is the Rough Cut Trailer for our recent short film, Bloodlines. I had a couple of people who’ve asked to see it. I’ve tried for three days to upload the original file of the trailer to various websites for better results; however, each time the narrative boxes were mysteriously skipped over and the video clips lagged. Quite frustrating. Since there have been no tech geeks able to explain this occurrence I decided to at least have some way for our fans to see it. B/c of this, I filmed it directly off of my television (and it kills me to have done so for the lack of professionalism). I realize that this will probably deter some individuals, but we have a really good movie and I wanted to give recognition to our cast and crew. Rest assured that the movie’s picture & sound qualities are MUCH better. Thanks for giving us a look and if you’re interested in purchasing our movie you can do so by messaging me on our Facebook page. Cost is $10 (which includes S/H in the U.S.). That’s a steal and you’d be helping out by supporting art/indie filmmakers.


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