‘Bloodlines’ is officially complete!

Wow! The movie is a success! What a week it has been. Within the past seven days, my actors and crew filmed ‘Bloodlines’ (at Misericordia University and on a farm off of Lake Winola) and I spent over 96 hours editing the movie. The months of preparation and preproduction paid off and we have a fun, short, violent film. The movie runs just over 26 minutes (with credits) and can be purchased by contacting me through my fb page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Crow-Brothers-Productions/137881249630204 . Just ask for Dave. Copies are $10 each (including S/H); however, International orders will be more.


Bloodlines….Day One

Day One of our filming has came and went. It was a very fulfilling day after the many hours of preproduction. We have a great crew to back up our actors. Big thanks to Tracy LaFrance, Adam Brigham, Don Holdredge, and Dawn Perrotti for their tireless help yesterday.

We’ll be back at it today. First day of shooting on the farm. A gathering of the fraternity brothers. What type of hell with the brothers of Kappa Gamma Phi unleash?

‘Bloodlines’ cast coming into focus

The team has been hard at work casting actors for our upcoming production ‘Bloodlines’. Once again, it is an 80’s throwback slasher movie about a small campus fraternity whose certain members take out their anger on a legacy pledge. But what happens when individuals push too far? Malcolm will show his “brothers”.

Starring Anthony Carr as Anthony (a role written specifically for him), Kye Novak as Rob, Heath DeGaramo as Tyler, Tim Kuntz as Josh, and Ryan Miller as Malcolm Kelson. The script was written by myself and Don Holdredge, Jr. served as Script Consultant. We also have an Associate Producer this time around in Dawn Perrotti.

Currently, we are still searching for an actor to play Mr. Kelson–the father of Malcolm. He is quite out of touch with his son and is willing to do anything so that Malcolm pledges his old fraternity. Interested individuals should contact us immediately.

So, CrowBro Fans, stay tuned. It’s bound to get bloody.

Working hard on upcoming ‘Bloodlines’

Just a quick message to let all of our supporters know that we are working hard towards putting out an incredible product with ‘Bloodlines’ this summer.  My Associate Producer (Dawn Perrotti) and I have been securing filming locations and creating many of the props needed for the film.  We will have an open casting call within the near future so please keep your eyes open for that.  We’ll be needing plenty of collegiate gentlemen to act as fraternity brothers.

‘Bloodlines’ is a go!

Just sending out a message to all of our fans and supporters that our next production entitled ‘Bloodlines’ is a go.  We are currently getting filming locations approved and deciding upon some F/X issues.  This is going to be a massive undertaking that is sure to be full of bloody fun.  Check back often to get the info on filming dates and times.  And please check us out on FB and Twitter–where updates are constant.

Also, thanks to everyone for the favorable reviews of ‘Doubting Thomas’.  It means a lot to all involved that it has been accepted favorably.  We had a great cast and crew.




Doubting Thomas

‘Doubting Thomas’ is officially done.  It has been quite a learning process for me–as I have not  had to edit a film before.  I think it came out quite well.  We have some terrific acting turned in and a great story to follow (although I may be biased as the writer).  The movie has been submitted to both the Lancaster Area Film Festival and TromaDance Film Fest. 

As of now, I am trying to decide which path to pursue next.  I have an awesome, brutal piece written called ‘Bloodlines’ and a couple of shorts to work out.  Not sure exactly which direction we will go next.  As always, thanks for your support and enthusiasm.