Back from the Macabre Faire Film Festival

MFFF red carpetHere’s a quick picture of myself at the MFFF just before my film ‘Bloodlines’ debuted.


Film Festival Bound

Our film Bloodlines has been selected!

Our film Bloodlines has been selected!

We are very proud and humbled to announce that our latest short film, Bloodlines, has been officially selected to the Macabre Faire Film Festival this January 19th and 20th in Long Island, NY. Please show your support for indie horror and for Crow Brothers Productions by considering attending. Tickets are $15 for one day and $25 for the entire weekend.

Bloodlines is going viral!!!!!!!

If you haven’t heard yet, our newest film, Bloodlines, has been picked up by Monster Channel Tv. We are truly excited to see all of the hard work by cast and crew get showcased for an indie audience to see. Saturday, October 27th around 10 PM our film will debut. You can watch it streamed live (for free) on Please tell your friends and get the popcorn ready. You’re in for a bloody good time. We are so proud.

Bloodlines (2012) Rough Cut Trailer

Here is the Rough Cut Trailer for our recent short film, Bloodlines. I had a couple of people who’ve asked to see it. I’ve tried for three days to upload the original file of the trailer to various websites for better results; however, each time the narrative boxes were mysteriously skipped over and the video clips lagged. Quite frustrating. Since there have been no tech geeks able to explain this occurrence I decided to at least have some way for our fans to see it. B/c of this, I filmed it directly off of my television (and it kills me to have done so for the lack of professionalism). I realize that this will probably deter some individuals, but we have a really good movie and I wanted to give recognition to our cast and crew. Rest assured that the movie’s picture & sound qualities are MUCH better. Thanks for giving us a look and if you’re interested in purchasing our movie you can do so by messaging me on our Facebook page. Cost is $10 (which includes S/H in the U.S.). That’s a steal and you’d be helping out by supporting art/indie filmmakers.